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Our Story

Professionalism. Excellence. Creativity.


All of my life I have had a passion for music and entertainment production. Since the age of 3 and running lights for my father's band, I have always had an interest and intrigue on how to add visual elements to a show or production. Being a traveling musician for over 15 years with Grammy award winning touring acts, I understand the value of a good quality production.  From wedding receptions to club venues, conferences to major acts, we can provide a quality production value without outsourcing from larger cities. Our goal is to bring the atmosphere and availability of these elements to our hometown market.


Whether musically performing different genres of music, setting up sound and lighting productions for venues large and small, engineering recording sessions, developing marketing and graphic designs for various entities, our experience offers a well rounded solution for your entertainment needs. We have built our team with professional, talented, and creative individuals that are passionate about out craft.  Our passion means adding a personal touch your event. We take pride and study every production we do, all while striving to have a professional and courteous relationship with our clients.


You want your event to look and sound good, and our goal is to achieve that. We're excited to work with you to achieve your audio visual goals and needs.  

Omar Ortiz


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